Humanity In Pratola Peligna

5 Posted by - August 28, 2014 - Bike Tour, Italy, Pedal, People, Travel
20140816-DSC_0708 “It’s beautiful to find a place that feels like home when you’re on the road. That’s why I host people. I know how it feels.” Our three-night stay with this wonderful family felt like home all right. If home were in Abruzzo, Italy… 20140812-DSC_0513 had a fleet of foreign-to-us bikes to test out… 20140813-DSC_0563 provided multiple-course meals, multiple times per day… 20140814-IMG_0444 had a serious wine-making operation in the basement... wine (1 of 1) and offered one-on-one cooking classes. Beth Learns How To Make Tiramisu from Beth Puliti on Vimeo. *Domenico, you went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. Thank you so much for not only welcoming us into your home, but into your family. We will never forget the time we spent with you all—cooking, eating, riding and laughing. Your family is forever engraved in our hearts, and welcome to visit us in America any time (especially if you bring your mom’s tiramisu recipe).   P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Cheers to 33 Years! from Beth Puliti on Vimeo.


  • Anonymous September 1, 2014 - 11:27 am Reply

    Beth, Justin have been flollowing your tiip from the beginning it has been amazing . So many wonderful people,places,and food.Almost feel like i am there with you guys,wish i were 30yrs. younger. Travel well!!! UncleAl

    • b_puliti September 2, 2014 - 10:14 pm Reply

      Hi Uncle Al! I’m so happy to know you are following our journey!! Age is just a number…meet us in Istanbul next month! 😉

  • Lisa Presutti Christinidis September 8, 2014 - 3:32 pm Reply

    What a wonderful way to travel! Domenico is my cousin. His father Remo and my father are brothers. And yes, I fully agree, when in a Presutti home, you are family! Glad you had a great stay.

    Lisa Presutti Christinidis
    Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

    • b_puliti September 9, 2014 - 10:36 pm Reply

      Hi Lisa! So great to hear from you! We had such a wonderful time with your family in Italy! It was like leaving home for the second time when we finally said good-bye!

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