Humanity In Piove di Sacco, Italy

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20140730-DSC_9985 I couldn't decide: "You don't need a lot of money. If you live with less, enjoy the day and think something good will happen tomorrow, something good will happen." - or - "They say if you walk in your garden in bare feet, the ground can feel your energy and grows what you body needs," he said. "You must need a lot of potatoes. Because we have so many potatoes!" she said.

*Alberto, Sabrina & Agata! Is this photo the best or what? We look like one big happy family, and that's just how you made us feel. Thank you for the beautiful room, the food from your organic garden and the many shared laughs. Still can't believe you lived in Lancaster for a few years. The world can be so small sometimes!


  • The Lazy Biker August 8, 2014 - 3:45 am Reply

    I thought he looked a lot like Emmett Stoltzfus?
    One baby bonnet ten dollars

  • Lin March 18, 2017 - 11:56 pm Reply

    Picking from eight different plates and complimenting them with the rice on my plate, the food just kept on coming.

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