Hummanity In Piove di Sacco, Italy

1 Posted by - August 6, 2014 - Bike Tour, Italy, People, Travel
From the moment we arrived on our bikes, this little firecracker stole our hearts--we colored, played "acqua" "fuoco," sang English nursery rhymes and chased Micheaux the kitten around the backyard. In the middle of dinner, she even climbed into my lap and sat with me. Being unable to communicate with her was heart-wrenching. Frustrated that everyone was speaking a different language, she took matters into her own hands. 20140729-IMG_0260 With her "mamma" whispering into her ear, she wished us "good night" before bed. The next morning when we joined her for breakfast, she asked us in English "How are you?" followed by "Did you sleep well?" *Agata, you will forever be in our hearts, sweet girl.

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