Home Is…Italy (Part 1)

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A peek at where we laid our heads at night--from Vipiteno to Perugia:

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home (1 of 1)-2

Home is...a forest clearing behind a hotel in Vipiteno.


20140723-DSC_9621 20140719-DSC_9572 20140720-IMG_8404

Home is...three nights in an apartment all to ourselves in the center of beautiful Brixen--a chance to catch up on work, do laundry and eat like locals.


20140723-DSC_9739 Home is...a night in San Martino in Badia celebrating beautiful mountains, beautiful people--and a beautiful impromptu wedding celebration.


20140724-DSC_9741 20140725-DSC_9747 20140724-DSC_9746

Home is...eating a vegan meal, meeting our host's childhood friends and befriending "Billie" the cat in the Dolomites.


20140726-DSC_9780 Home is...under the cover of tall trees high on the Manghen pass.


20140726-DSC_9822 20140726-DSC_9813

 Home is...shelter from the rain in an outbuilding on the outskirts of Bassano del Grappa.


20140730-DSC_9979 20140729-IMG_0259

Home is...playing "acqua" "fuoco" with little Agata, sharing many laughs and eating a vegan dinner with organic veggies from the backyard in Piove di Sacco.



Home is...laying in our tent in a public park along the coast in Porto Garibaldi, simultaneously listening to the rain falling and the club music of the circus right next to us.



Home is...across the river in San Marino--the fifth smallest independent country in the world.



Home is...hidden beside the road with a killer view of a castle and the sunset in Piandimeleto.



  • Bob Lesmerises August 7, 2014 - 9:21 am Reply

    You guys must be getting stronger the best thing about touring is not going in a circle!!

  • The Lazy Biker August 8, 2014 - 3:50 am Reply

    Home is ………… Wait let me think
    Home is …………

  • The Lazy Biker August 8, 2014 - 3:51 am Reply

    Sharing life and love

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