Observations From Croatia

5 Posted by - October 2, 2014 - Bike Tour, Croatia, Sights, Travel
1. Pomegranates grow as side-of-the-road weeds. 20140830-DSC_1699 2. As do figs. 20140827-DSC_1588 3. Limes are commonly seen growing in front of most homes. And they are ENORMOUS. 20140830-DSC_1701 4. This thing is real. Luckily we didn't come across it... 20140828-DSC_1655 5. ...Or so we think! My pannier and hydration system were viciously attacked one night as we slept soundly in our tent. 20140824-DSC_1394 20140824-DSC_1389 6. The year "1950" was spray painted everywhere (walls, street signs, bus stops, etc.). We had a lot of theories, none of which were that it signified the year a supporters' club was founded for the soccer team Hajduk Split. 20140823-DSC_1296 7. Croatia had a definite "unstructured" feel to it compared to countries we cycled through up to this point (Germany, Austria and Italy). For example: When we were wild camping one night I think I blew our cover taking photos of this late night ferry coming in. 20140826-DSC_1533 Two cops approached our site and told us camping was illegal in the country.  We were all set to explain that we weren't aware of that law, and we'd be gone early the next morning without leaving so much as a trace, but they were way more interested in steering the conversation in a different direction. "How fast does your bike go on the flats?" We showed them our computer, which had our fastest speed as well as a slew of other info and they talked amongst themselves for a while. Perhaps we were just lucky, but they left saying we could spend the night where we were. 8. Where does all the trash go on Vis island? Right here. 20140827-DSC_1593 9. Houses seemed to be built Lego-style out of nothing but cinderblock. 20140827-DSC_1610 10. The stone walls on Vis island put Sugar Hill to shame. 😉 20140827-DSC_1595 11. Lots of new uses for old spaces! 20140827-DSC_1609 12. Croatian sand is hard to find. Most seasoned beach goers travel with a padded mat and water shoes. 20140823-DSC_1286 13. Bathing suit; no bathing suit: anything goes!

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