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“Let me tell you this, the older you do get the more rules they're gonna try to get you to follow,” Wooderson informs his high-school friends on the 50-yard line in Dazed and Confused. Though we might not act it, my husband and I are much older than the Dazed crew (Wooderson included) and the rules have indeed multiplied. We work 40 hours a week. We pay our bills on time. We shake hands when introduced to strangers. We mow our lawn. We don't arrive to dinner parties empty-handed. You get the point. We go through the motions. And that was fine and all. Until it wasn't. Major surgery this past fall granted me more of this thing called life, and simply going through the motions has become unacceptable. So, we posed the question: What would we do if we could break the rules? The answer: Someday we want to travel the world on two wheels with no end date in sight.  After some soul-searching and a significant amount of research, we decided to make "someday" today, because here's the thing: someday never comes. While securing employment and putting our house up for rent is terrifying and overwhelming, we’re equally as excited for what's to come. For this one-way ticket out of the country. For life. And for the chance to start "L-I-V-I-N."

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