Bicycle Times Issue #30

2 Posted by - December 12, 2014 - Bike Tour, Words
BicycleTimes-30-C1-e1405612722165 In this issue's Globetrotting column, Finding Happy:
It was on a whim that I sat in on the "lecture" in the first place, and I found myself glued to every single word that spilled from Willie's positively beaming mouth. His face crinkled in all the happy places and his eyes danced to the beat of his personal parlance. He was the happiest man I'd ever encountered and it was pure delight listening to him wax poetic about his foreign two-wheeled adventures. I have an inkling, one I hope is true, that the 60,000-plus miles he’s cycled throughout the world has more than something to do with his cheerful disposition.
Published in Bicycle Times magazine.

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