One Day in Austria

2 Posted by - July 23, 2014 - Austria, Bike Tour, Pedal, Sights, Travel
Austria, Julie Andrews was right about you: IMG_8318 Your hills are indeed alive, and they are no joke! DSC_9530 IMG_8259 From Garmish-Partenkirchen, we pedaled up, up, up and into Austria via gravel trekking paths. We couldn’t escape the hot sun and steep climbs, so food breaks were frequent. Legs screaming in pain, I sang songs from The Sound of Music to stay sane, which likely drove Justin crazy. IMG_8276 IMG_8245 We scored some horseradish mustard at a local market earlier in the day, and made veggie sandwiches for lunch, eating on a hillside (of course!) overlooking the city of Innsbruck. IMG_8279 After lunch, we took cover under a canopy of trees to wait out a passing rain storm. IMG_8228 A few kilometers later, within a wooded trail network, we set up camp, cooked dinner and could have slept straight through the next day. IMG_8276 IMG_8291 DSC_9522 But we didn't because...Italy!

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